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Get Project Details And Business Logic

First, We get all the information about your business logic What is your business rules. We need to learn about the problems you are facing and what need to achieve. We will ask several questions about your business so we can understand well and what requirements required for your project, So we can be sure to provide the best possible solutions that are right for your business.

The Plan For Your Project

Our team starts planing and identify what functions and what relationship needs to implement on your projects. moreover, we plan like functional, specification, what technology needs to use and timescales, so we'll provide full architecture and a full overview of activities and when things will be done. We’ll also let you know what we need from you and when it is required, so the project can run as efficiently as possible.


The UI/UX Design Starts

The fun parts start. We have well-experienced developers who have excellent creative ideas flowing and produce a mockup of your new website. we will design every page premium quality and us including both desktop and mobile versions. We will take the time to review the mockups with you directly and make any changes where necessary. Once approved, we’ll be ready to move onto development.

The Development Process Starts, Coding

The most important is the website is brought to life. Our team stats coding for your website and it will best coding standard and we will write functionality and algorithm for your website. We take pride in the quality of our work and our coding is no different. We don’t use any shortcuts. So we won’t build a website that doesn’t look great on every modern browser or device. If you are looking for older browser support, no problem just ask.

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Testing & Delivery

So your project is almost ready to use. Together we’ve come up with a website that looks great and does exactly what you need it to do. moreover, important is software need to test well before for any bugs, errors, issues on runtime re under control. so we will test your software how the functionality works form user side there is a different method for testing don't worry we will take care of it. once we are happy with it, Then all we need to do is officially launch the website.

Together We Have Successfully Completed

At Agnih, Our clients, who once we’ve worked together, stay with us. Our genuine care for clients sets us apart, we’re always on hand to apply updates or assist with technical issues, even on holidays. It’s also important that your website stays ahead of the competitors, so we’re here when you need to make improvements or add new functionality. Building a website is just the start for us.

Every customer is loyal to us, we will deliver excellent web design and development service for all our customers.


Any Questions?

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